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Apple Donut | Easy Snack-tivity for Kids!

Apple Donuts are the perfect snack and activity in one! Not only are they tasty, and adorable, they are so much fun to make!

There are so many benefits for kids helping in the kitchen. It increases independence, confidence and self-esteem while working on fine motor, speech, sequencing and math skills; all while feeding your snack-monster.

For Valentine's Day, I wanted some pink icing so I added a few drops of red food colouring to the cream cheese, but part of the beauty of this snack is its adaptability. You can use any colour and any type of sprinkles / toppings to make it the perfect treat for any holiday or occasion.


- apples

- cream cheese

- food colouring

- plastic knife to spread icing

- knife to slice apples


- slice apples horizontally

- cut out core / make the donut hole

- spread cream cheese icing

- add sprinkles

- enjoy a tasty treat!

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