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Birthday Trackers for your BuJo

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Having a "master list" of birthdays makes it easy to fill in your new calendar every year, and if you're making a list, might as well make it pretty!

Check out some of the best birthday tracking templates for your Bullet Journal!!

Materials used for these templates:

Coiled Bullet Journals are my preference, because I like to be able to easily rip out pages with big mistakes and it's good quality paper. Sometimes I see bullet journals at the dollarstore, but the pages are thinner and the markers leak through easier.

Bic Pastel Highlighters are so affordable compared to some of the fancier markers and I love the Pastel colours. Also, the ink doesn't leak through the page which is a bonus in my books.

Simple Boxes

Not only is this template adorable, it's also user friendly. The boxes are big enough to add multiple birthdays per month, so it doesn't look cramped! I added a small detail around the edge of each box, something that reminded me of that particular month.

Balloon Calendar

This is the perfect template if you don't need to keep track of many birthdays. If you're just tracking immediate family, there's lots of space. However, I come from a very big family and found that this design didn't accommodate enough names. You could also spread this over 2 pages, then space wouldn't be an issue!

Grid Birthday Tracker

I didn't think I would like this tracker as much as I do, but it's so amazing! It's simple, organized, easy to add too, and accommodates lots of names!


This tracker was so easy and only took a few minutes to make!

If you make your own birthday tracker I would love to see it!!

Send in a photo on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog

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