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Dinosaur Sensory Bin 🦕

Updated: May 30, 2022

Dinosaurs is always a fan favourite around here. I want to be transparent from the beginning, most of our play set ups are not this fancy. But occasionally I would rather make pretty invitations instead of fold laundry.


I went digging through our craft supplies and found some small colored rocks that I bought years ago for a succulent pot I was making.

You could just as easily use dyed rice or pasta. We tested a few methods of dyeing sensory bases over here!

Last minute I decided to mix a small amount of flour and coco powder to add a different

texture to the tray.

We've been using these Wild Repluic tubes for dinosaur and Arctic figurines lately and really like the quality for price. We figurines from the dollarstore sets for sensory bottles where they will live inside a sealed bottle.

I used the lid from the rock containers to make a pond of blue rocks, then poured rocks around the tray to make grass, sand and mud.

We get all of our custom doodle pages from Joyce.and.Loye on Instagram, they are so much fun! Themed play is my style, so when we do a dino tray I love pulling out our dino books, stuffies, puzzles, colouring sheets, etc.

If you try a themeds ensory bin/tray, I would love to see it!! Send in a photo on Instagram or tag me @PrairieMamasBlog so I can see 😊

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