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DIY Fine Motor Activity | Sheep

This activity fit seamlessly into our farm animal theme and our goal to work on fine motor skills. Is anyone else a sucker for saving way too many boxes because they are just really good boxes? Time to put one to use!!

First step is drawing the outline of the sheep:

Okay so you might be thinking "I'm not very good at drawing, I won't be able to draw a sheep" but let me put those worries to bed. If you can draw a cloud - you can draw this sheep.

Using a pencil I drew a large cloud shape taking up most of the box. I erased a small section in the top left corner, drew the U shape for the chin, and ears. All that's left is adding on the legs and drawing the face.

Next is painting! I used white, grey and pink paint and a black marker.

There is a few different ways to make the holes; I used a drill and picked a bit slightly larger than Q-tips, but you could also use a screwdriver or scissors to push through.

I had 10 holes, so I cut 5 Q-tips in half. I would reccomended cutting up a few extra in case some get lost or the tips unravel.

If you try this really easy activity, I would love to see how it turns out!!

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