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DIY Kids Tool Bench | Repurposed Nightstand

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

We were lucky enough to get this old nightstand for free from a family friend, and I had the perfect project in mind. A children's work bench. My daughter has quite the collection of little tools that I was looking for a way to store, and I've been wanting to add a kid-height desk/table to work (play) at.

This is what the nightstand looked like when we got it:

The first step is removing the handle (attached on the inside of the drawer with 2 screws).

Side note; I didn't spend a dollar on this project. I wanted to use up some of my odds and ends from past projects to try and tidy up the garage.

Next, I gave the nightstand a quick sand. Sanding is usually very time consuming, but I just did a fast pass with a gritty sandpaper and a fast pass with a smooth sandpaper, wiped it down and called it a day.

I did this Cozy Coupe Makeover a couple years ago and bought waaaay to much of this bluey spray paint, so that's what we're using. I also had leftover Metallic paint from this project, which will work perfect for the table top and drawer handle.

To make the drawer handle, I used a 1/2in dowel. I wanted to cover the existing handle holes, so I cut 2 small pieces of the dowel (approx 1/2in) and glued them over the holes. Then glued and clamped a piece of the dowel that was a little bit longer than the distance of the holes onto the 2 dowels sticking out from the drawer. Not my best work, okay. I have made really beautiful dowel handles before, we were just on a time and budget crunch here.

For nicer dowel handles, check out this dresser flip!

I did a couple coats of blue spray paint, waited for it to dry, taped off the areas I wanted to stay blue then sprayed the tabletop and handle Metallic. We had a large sheet of peg board, so I cut down the size I wanted, and attached it with 4 screws/washers on the back.

Last step is adding the tools and getting to work! (play).

This tool bench has been such a fun addition and gets used daily!

If you do a transformation like this, I would love to see! Send me a message on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog!

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