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Mess Free Painting for Babies

I'm always looking for mess free crafts for my one year old, and this one is a favourite for both of us.

One of the things I love about this activity is how easy it is to prepare and clean up. I have a back-stock of small canvases from the dollarstore because they are perfect for small crafts.

Once I have a canvas, some paint, a clear bag and some tape; I add a few generous globs of paint on the canvas, carefully set it in the bag and use some masking/painters tape to secure it to the table.

Now I'll be honest; this activity is so fun and easy, but it's also short lived. This beautiful little master piece took approximately 41 seconds before she was onto figuring out how to peel the tape off.

We did this craft a few weeks earlier and she was interested for less than 30 seconds (mostly my fault - I brought her snack plate over at the same time so she could start eating while I cleaned up, but she just wanted to eat). We typically try and present an activity 3-5 times over a month, making adaptations if necessary. Kids, babies specifically may need time to warm up to new situations (activities, environments, people, etc) so don't be bummed out if they aren't interested at first!

But I mean common, this is so cute and would make the perfect grandparent gift or keepsake!

We love making art this way and would love to see if you give it a try!

Send me a photo on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog 😊

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