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Mood Trackers for your Bullet Journal!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

A monthly tracker is a really nice way to stay on top of how you're feeling, since it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, feeling tired and anxious. Once I started tracking my mood I realized I was happy, content, and calm a more often than I gave myself credit for.

Snowglobe and Christmas Light's

This mood tracker was surprisingly easy to draw and looks great! I also want to try lights wrapped around a Christmas tree, but I'm not quite brave enough to try that one yet.

Advent Calendar Mood Tracker

This is the first mood tracker I've done with different symbols instead of colours and I really like it! I will definitely use symbols on another tracker. What do you think?

Santa in the Chimney

How cute is this Santa mood tracker for December?! Having a cute theme for your monthly tracker makes it so much easier to be motivated to fill it in every day.

Paint Easle 🎨

This is my FAVOURITE mood tracker so far. Like ever. It's easy to track more than one colour without looking messy, and it's so cute.

Puzzle Tracker 🧩

I used the characters colours from the kids movie Inside Out for this tracker and I loved it.

Space Theme! 🪐

If you love this space theme as much as I do, here is the space monthly exercise tracker and cover page for cohesive monthly template!

Leaf Pedal 🍃

This monthly spead beautiful. It does have one downfall in my opinion, I have too many feelings in a day to track all of them on one small pedal.

Best Bullet Journal Materials:

Staedtler Markers - These double ended markers are my favorite so far. The ink doesn't bleed, the colour of the cap matches the colour on the page, and the fine tip end stays pointy; it doesn't get squished down when you use it.

Book - I love these bullet journals because they are affordable and good quality. Occasionally I can find BuJo books at the dollarstore, but the pages are much thinner. I prefer coiled books over spinned books; if you make a big mistake it's much easier to rip the page out.

If these pages inspire you to make your own, I'd love to see!

Send in a photo on Instagram to Prairiemamasblog!

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