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Rainbow Volcano | Science Experiment for All Ages!

This simple science experiment was so fun for everyone; we did it 3 times in a row!

I love activities that don't require a lot of preparation, don't cost a lot of money and provide lots of fun and education!

This one is perfect because we only needed 3 common ingredients from the pantry!

• food colouring

• baking soda

• vinegar

For the baking soda I found some clear plastic shot glasses in of one of our cupboards, but if I couldn't find any containers laying around my plan was to pour the baking soda right on to the white tray and add food coloring spaced along the top.

Last step - add vinegar and enjoy!

I did this with my 1.5 year old daughter and the 7 year old I was babysitting, we were all all so engaged in and impressed with this activity.

I filled a squeeze bottle with vinegar and had a small cup as a back up - which we needed all 3 times we did this.

A note to my future self doing this activity; just fill up a big cup, skip the squeeze bottle since needed air every few seconds which killed the vibe. You can also keep going over it until all the baking soda is gone, so we used more vinegar than I was expecting!

I just cannot get over how beautiful and fun this rainbow volcano experiment was!

If you try a rainbow volcano I would love to see how it turned out!

Send in a photo on Instagram @Prairiemamasblog

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