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Tracking the weather with your BuJo!

Sounds strange to track the weather... right? I thought so too.

I can't explain why, but tracking the weather is oddly satisfying?

Part of my daily self care routine is working on my bullet journal. In the evening I set aside some time while I watch T.V to fill my trackers. I usually have 2-3 on the go; exercise, habits, cleaning and weather tracking.

"Why do you fill in monthly trackers?"

"Why don't you use an app on your phone to track things?"

"Why do you want to track the weather"

These are all questions I get asked, and honestly, I have a hard time coming up with an answer. I find by the end of the day I am looking for a reason to put my phone away for a little bit. Something about pen to paper helps my mind slow down and allows me feel more present in the moment.

The weather can change quite drastically from day-to-day where I live, in order to feel prepared for the upcoming day I like to check the forecast. It helps me plan what activities we can do, and what type of clothing we need to pack to be comfortable. Since I am checking the forecast daily, and tracking things in my BuJo helps me relax; it really just makes sense to track the weather (haha).

Having a page with all of your symbols to reference helps keep a cohesive look throughout the month.

Best Bullet Journal Materials:

Staedtler Markers - These double ended markers are my favorite so far. The ink doesn't bleed, the colour of the cap matches the colour on the page, and the fine tip end stays pointy; it doesn't get squished down when you use it.

Book - I love these bullet journals because they are affordable and good quality. Occasionally I can find BuJo books at the dollarstore, but the pages are much thinner. I prefer coiled books over spinned books; if you make a big mistake it's much easier to rip the page out.

If this inspires you to try your own monthly tracker, I would love to see!

If you enjoy tracking the weather, I am curious what you like about it.

Send in a photo to @PrairieMamasBlog on Instagram!

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