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What is Bullet Jouralling...

A bullet bullet journal is perfect for so many things. Not only is it an awesome outlet for creativity; it's a great tool to stay organized with customized lists and calendars, track things like mood, exercise and other habits, inspirational pages and doodles.

Here's 12 types of pages to consider for your bullet journal!

If you're just getting started with your bullet journal or still thinking about it, I included a list of my favourite bujo supplies to get started at the bottom. I remember feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to get started.


Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling your phone while you're watching TV in the evening? I did too, so I started doing doodle pages to keep my hands busy once I'm done filling in my trackers.

Here are 12 of my favourite doodle pages so far! I promise even if they look complicated, they aren't!!

Mood Trackers

Having trackers that I can fill out each day helps me stay motivated to use my Bullet Journal. I've also used these pages to reflect on my mood and notice patterns of when I am more anxious/calm. I am usually surprised at the end of the month because there's more happy and content days than anxious ones; even if it doesn't feel that way in the day-to-day.

Here is a ton of other mood trackers I have done!


Similar to doodles, quote pages are ones I like to work on once I've filled in my trackers. There's so so so many great quotes you can look up to match how you're feeling or something you're trying to manifest.

Birthday List

One of my favourite annual chores is filling in my new wall calendar and day planner with important dates, including birthdays. But I found myself calling my mom every year asking her to help me with everyone's birthdays (how she just remembers them I will never understand). My solution is a birthday tracker that I keep tucked away until it's new calendar time, which makes me feel way more organized.

I tried out a few templates to see which was my favourite, here's the rest!

Reading Tracker

One of my personal goals is setting time aside to read, and having a reading trackers helps me stay motivated. This page always reminds me of the reading challenges for kids hosted by libraries in the summer, but what can I say; colouring in a book every time I complete one is rewarding.

Monthly Calendar

I like to pick a theme every month for my calendar, exercise/weather/mood trackers to keep it cohesive. For January I mixed my theme cover page with a simple calendar!

Exercise Tracker

As someone who has struggled to maintain a healthy weight her whole life, "tracking exercise" has so many feelings of negativity attached to it. However, I thrive on writing my goals down and tracking my progress on paper. July 2020 was the first month I liked tracking my exercise. Having my tracker match the rest of my monthly theme, summer, made my bujo look more cohesive and motivated me to fill it in. This helped me see at a glance, what activities I'm enjoying and how much movement I'm getting each day.


Having a goals page is a good tool to stay accountable for short or long term goals. I love looking back on an old goal page and being proud of the progress I've made.

Weather Tracker

Living in Prairies means our weather can change very drastically, very quickly. And as someone who likes to be prepared, okay maybe over-prepared, I like to plan my clothes and activities in the evening for the following day. Since I'm checking the weather, and filling in my bullet journal every evening, I started tracking the weather. I haven't figured out what it is about tracking the weather that I like, but it's satisfying.

Here are a few other weather trackers I have tried.

To Do List

To Do list's can help keep you accountable, and feel organized. I like having one page as my "command centre" for the day, rather than small individual lists all over the counter. Each of my command centre pages looks a little different; for example if I have something scheduled on that day I would draw a small calendar icon to remember the details. It's so easy to customize to your daily needs!

Grocery List

Since we have got to make grocery lists a couple times a week, might as well make it pretty! It only takes a few seconds, but it makes a mundane task more enjoyable!

Daily Routine

Having a morning routine helps me feel organized. (Writing this blog post made me realize a lot of my bujo pages are to help me feel organized, which I never realized before.) I complete this checklist every morning before I get my day going to make sure I have the best day possible.

My Favourite BuJo Materials:

Bullet Journal - This is my favourite 2 pack of dotted journal's. Occasionally you can find BuJo's at the Dollarstore for a few dollars, and I grab one when I see them. However, the quality of the pages in the dollarstore books isn't nearly as good, which means the ink leaks.

Also, coiled books are my preference so if I make a "huge" mistake I can easily rip the page out.

Staetdler Markers - I have tried a few different marker brands, since these ones are a little on the expensive side. But I always come back to these ones for 2 reasons. The ink doesn't leak like crazy and the dual tips are the perfect sizes for Bullet Journalling!

Stencils - I have this set, and when I was starting out they were awesome. They made me feel a lot more confident. However, the more comfortable I got with Bullet Journallimg, the less I use the stencils. Do you need stencils? Absolutely not. Are they convenient? Yes.

Storage - I find it so important to have all of my supplies accessible and organized, or else I avoid it completely. I usually bujo in the living room, so I set up a small station near by with everything I need within an arms reach of the couch.

Zipper Sealed Marker Case - if you don't have space for a permenant desktop marker organized, or you bujo in different areas of your home, this style is ideal!

Wicker Basket - if there's going to be a pile of books and stencils laying around, might as well throw it in a wicker basket and call it decor.

If you try any of these bullet journal pages I would love to see how they turned out!

Send in a photo on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog!

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