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5 of the Best Halloween Crafts/Activities for Toddlers!

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Here's five of the best Haloween crafts & activities for toddlers!

1) Trick or Treat Sign

It's our first Halloween as parents, so of course I had to do a craft to document how tiny those little feet are!

2) Toddler Safe Painting

On a plain piece of paper draw a pumpkin (or a leaf, or a witch hat). Place the paper inside of a large freezer bag and put a generous amount of paint on the paper. Close the bag and secure it to a table or craft board so it cannot move.

Enjoy watching your little one explore!

3) Dyed Rice Seek & Find Sensory Bottle

This was my first time coloring rice, and it was pretty easy! ▪︎clear bottle ▪︎1tsp vinegar ▪︎1 drop red / 18 drops yellow food coloring ▪︎ 1 cup rice ▪︎ wooden halloween cutouts from the dollarstore Disclosure: I used a little more than a cup of rice so there wasn't enough of the dye to cover all of it. However, I think it looks like candy corn, so I left it!

4) Sparkle Sensory Bottle

The best part of sensory bottles is you can add whatever you want. This one is really simple, made with stuff we had laying around. ▪︎baby oil, water, orange and silver sparkles

5) Pumpkin Glove Stress Ball

If you can't find orange gloves, white ones make really cute ghosts. This one is filled with rice, but I've used dried beans and sand before and they turned out awesome!

If you try any of these activities we would love to see how they turned out!

Send us a photo on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog

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