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Best Christmas Sensory Bottles for Toddlers

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

5 easy, cute and educational Christmas sensory bottles! Sensory bottles can be used in so many ways. They can be designed to open up conversations, as a seek and find, and has a tool to help kids calm down.

1. Green Seek & Find

I had plain rice and a little bit of pasta left over from a sensory bin that I didn't want to waste, so I used acrylic paint to colour the rice mixture green for the "base" of this bottle.

I did an experiment with the 2 top recommended methods for colouring rice for sensory play. Click here to see why paint was our choice for this bottle!

2. Cotton Ball Noise Maker

The base of this one is cotton balls and some small white rocks left over from my plant supplies. The rocks make it nice and noisy, which I'm sure your little ones will love. We had picked up some small Christmas items from the dollarstore for sensory play. To do this for cheaper, you could cut Christmas shapes out of construction paper, or rummage through your old Christmas box in the storage room. Old Christmas tags, garland, or small figured would all go great in a Christmas themed sensory bottle!

These 4 sided, reusable juicing bottles work great for Seek and Find bottles, where a few objects are "hiding". The flat sides make it easy to see inside.

3. Glittery glitter glue

The contents of this one are easy; green glitter glue, baby oil, and glitter.

Simple yet mezmorizing!

4. Water Bead Wonder Land

These travel sized bottles come in a 24 pack perfect for small hands. They would be perfect for a daycare or preschool center for each kid to customize their own Sensory Bottle. My daughter is 8months, and she LOVES sensory bottles this size!

This bottle has green water beads, baby oil and glitter.

5. Red & Green Seek and Find

Okay, this one isn't quite a bottle... but the contents of this bin in a bottle, would be so adorable! The child I made this bin for was old enough to play without spilling or trying to eat any, but for a younger child I would put all of this in a 4 sided bottle.

Sensory bottles can be perfectly curated with cohesive items, but they are also the perfect "catch-all" for left over craft supplies.

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If you try your own Christmas sensory bottle(s) I would love to see!

Send in a photo to @PrairieMamasBlog on Instagram!!

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