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Chickpea Foam | Ocean Sensory Bin

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Chickpea foam | Safe to taste? Yes. Wasteful? No. Beautiful? Yes. Slimy? No. Amazing? Absolutely!

We saved the liquid in a can of chickpeas from dinner, and made a fun sensory experience to play with outside before bed.

I love that I found a sensory base that isn't wasteful, rather than buying pasta or beans specifically for a base; this takes something I would have thrown out and makes such a a fun activity!

It was honestly so easy to make! I needed chickpeas for my dinner recipe, instead of dumping out the liquid I strained it directly into our stand up mixer for later.

After dinner we added 8-10 drops of blue food colouring to the chickpea liquid, and mixed it on medium speed for approximately 3 minutes.

We have these really cute arctic animals that I've been wanting to pull out for a while and this was the perfect activity!

There's 2 things I will keep in mind for when I do this next time:

1) one can of chickpea liquid made approx 1 cup of foam.. so make more or add a second base

2) a friend reccomended using 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar to thicken up the consistency/ make it last a little longer!

Bonus: our dogs loved helping clean up this sensory bin. I walked away with my daughter to help her wash her hands and turned back to see the cutest cleanup crew hard at work. It is safe for dogs, and it was such a small amount, we let them go for it. I think they may have enjoyed it more than the kids 🤭

Have you tried chickpea foam?! How did it turn out? Any other tips I should try besides cream of tartar?! Send me a message on Instagram @prairiemamasblog, I want to learn how to make the best. foam. ever.

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