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Christmas Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Child-led Christmas sensory bin for toddlers!

We love using this paint tray to separate the loose parts and letting kids add what they like. It's really interesting to see what they choose to include!

When planning a sensory bin, I always start with a "base". Usually something like cotton balls, rice, beans, snow, pom poms, etc. When picking a base it's important that the little ones playing with it won't choke on it if they still explore with their mouths.

The sky is the limit when you're thinking of what loose parts to have available. For this bin, I stopped at the dollarstore and grabbed some small Christmas items to toss in.

You certainly don't need to go buy stuff though. Take a peek in your Christmas storage box, if your got old gift tags, plastic ornaments, garland, fake snow; any of those would go great in a Christmas Sensory Bin!

Passing the long, dark days in the winter with little ones can feel impossible. I like to have lots of child-led activities ready to go for when we start to feel cooped up.

If you make a Christmas bin for your kids, I would love to see it!

Send in a photo to @Prairiemamasblog!

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