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Feed Santa Activity for Toddlers!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Instead of recycling a delivery box we upcycled it into a Christmas Activity for Toddlers!

This is a really easy, inexpensive DIY activity for an individual or group of kids. It is great for practicing turn taking, pretend play, fine motor skills, number recognition, and opens up so many opportunities to work on speech!

I left the top flap up, to help support the weight of the Santa hat, then I cut the hole for the mouth and an opening in the back to retrieve the food. You could either tape or glue the rest shut.

I used brown construction paper for Santa's face and made the hat out of red paper and pompoms/cotton ball.

There is a white piece of paper glued to the box under the cotton balls for the beard so you wouldn't be able to see the ripped box and tape underneath.

The cotton balls for the mustache were unrolled a little bit before hot gluing them so it looked like the hair was longer than the rest.

A few shredded cotton balls worked great as eyebrows above the biggest googly eyes I could find. It looked bare without a nose, so I added a small pink oval tucked under the top layer of cotton balls.

I made some cardboard cookies with a number on one side and corresponding amount of "chocolate chips" on the other. If you've got plastic toy food that would also work great!

If you try this activity, I would love to see it! Send in a photo on Instagram @Prairiemamasblog!

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