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Gingerbread Craft for Toddlers

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Christmas Activity for Preschool | Toddler Christmas craft

I had planned to draw, trace and cut all gingerbread people, however, I noticed this pack at the dollarstore and it was the exact amount that I needed... I couldn't pass that up!

This activity is great for preschools/daycares because it's suitable for a range of ages. The younger groups can use adhesive objects, stamps, markers, etc. Whereas older kids can glue objects on, tie the scarf, or cut out their own shapes to attach. Another idea to increase the difficulty is using a hole punch around the outside to make a lacing activity: with yarn or pipe cleaners.

Having a tray of organized, loose parts for kids to choose from helps them feel ownership of their masterpiece, inspires creativity, and decreases frustration.

A paint tray is an easy, affordable solution to organize loose parts for any craft time. We use them almost daily!


- gingerbread cut out (construction paper or premade)

- Metallic Sharpies is what we use to colour on dark crafts because they show up so vibrant

- "loose parts" tray, filled with age appropriate supplies

If this post inspires you to try a Gingerbread Craft of your own, I'd to see how they turned out!!

Send in a photo on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog

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