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Sensory Light Cave for Kids of All Ages

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Reused an old box to make the best light cave!

Reading books in this awesome light cave has become part of our nightly routine. After dinner and a bath, my daughter loves sitting in here with a couple of books and calming music.

If you have been following for a while, you know I love a cohesive aesthetic in our home. So I try my best to find toys that are multi-functional, educational, and adorable. You can certainly leave whichever box you use plain; I decided to cover it with brown craft paper. While this large box doesn't fit into what I had in mind for the style of our home, I like it a LOT more than original car seat box.

Next I took a strand of Christmas lights that we had, but weren't using anymore; and carefully poked each light through the top. I thought about pre-drilling the holes to make this part easier... but I'm working on a naptime schedule and that would have taken too much time, so I held the box firmly, and pushed straight down with the light.

If you don't have an extra strand of Christmas lights, keep an eye out at garage sales and thrift stores for a good deal!!

I currently have some Christmas pictures in the cave for her to look at, but you could add literally anything you wanted inside.

Some ideas we will be trying:

- jungle animals (my daughter loves animals)

- different textures - something scratchy, soft, smooth, silky, etc

This activity was so easy to make, and continues to provide so many opportunities for sensory exploration.

If this inspired you to make a light cave for your little ones, I would love to see!

Send in a photo on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog

Here are the quick Christmas "posters" I made to hang inside of the sensory cave with some sticky tack.

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