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Magnetic Tile Dinosaur 🦕

Here is how to make your own magnetic tile dinosaur! I was surprised how easy it was to prepare, how cute it looks and how much fun we had with it!

This activity served us several purposes; it fit the dinosaur theme we had going on in the rest of our house, and magnetic tiles on the fridge is the perfect activity for my daughter to do while I prepare meals.

The personalized dinosaur colouring sheets from Joyce.and.Loye on Instagram went so well with our Dino Sensory Bin and cubby of Dino toys (wooden puzzle, interactive book, and usually some figurines - but she was too interested in them to leave them for the photo 🤷‍♀️).

I had to look up how to make a magnetic tile dinosaur, because who just knows how to do that? Probably people with an artsy brain, not me. Here's how I made them, and the pieces you'll need to do the same! ⬇️

Googly eyes with an adhesive backing (like these) are a fun way to bring your dino to life, and easy to take off.

Dinos are a common theme around here so I'm sure I'll do this again.

If you try something similar, I would love to see it on Instagram @prairiemamasblog. I need all the inspiration for new dinos I can get!

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