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10 best inspirational bujo pages!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Your bullet journal can be used for so many things!! They are a great tool for monthly trackers, lists, doodles, and inspirational pages.

The best bujo materials:

Markers: StaedtlerPens These double ended markers are my favorite so far. The ink doesn't bleed, the colour of the cap matches the colour on the page, and the fine tip end stays pointy; it doesn't get squished down when you use it.

Book: Bullet Journal I love these books because they are affordable and good quality. Occasionally I can find BuJo books at the dollarstore, but the pages are much thinner. I prefer coiled books over spinned books; if you make a big mistake it's much easier to rip the page out.

Stencils: These are the only stencils I have tried and I really enjoy them. They were inexpensive and I used them a lot when I first started bullet journalling, but I find I gravitate to a plain old ruler these days.

10 of the best inspirational bullet journal templates!

1) When You Feel Sad

2) Relaxing Ideas

3) It's A Bad Day Not A Bad Life

This one is a great prompt to check in with yourself; are you meeting all of your needs? Would your day be better if you were?

4) Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is way to start your day feeling organized!

5) Habits I Want To Develop / Maintain

6) Summer Weekend Bucket List

I like to have a bucket list that I add to everytime my husband or myself says "we need to do ___ in the summer!".

I keep the list in the note pad on my phone so that it's easy to add too. Then before each season I make a pretty Bucket List Bullet Journal page to keep us accountable!

7) Things You Can Control

Having a list of things you can control is a great tool to help you feel grounded when you feel overwhelmed.

8) Things to Remember

9) The Best Feelings

10) Things You Want More/Less of

Inspirational bullet journal pages are one of my favorite things to do for self care.

If these pages inspire you to make your own, I'd love to see! Send in a photo on Instagram to Prairiemamasblog!

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