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Daily Tracker for Newborns

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Customizable newborn daily tracker (tummy time, sleep, diapers, etc)!

When you go to the first few check ups for your newborn with your family doctor, they will ask you about sleep, how many wet/dirty diapers per day and how much they're eating. This was really overwhelming for me, because my post partum memory made it difficult to remember anything.

The week of the appointment, I posted a few of these templates on the fridge and filled it out throughout the day. By the time the doctors appointment came around I had a few days worth of "data" to take with me which made me less anxious.

We chose to formula feed pretty early on, so for us it made sense to track the ounces. However, if you're breast feeding you can easily adapt the template to length of feed per side!

If this template inspired you to try one of your own, I would love to see!

Send in a photo to @prairiemamasblog on Instagram!

Is there anything else you think would be helpful to track with your newborn? Let me know!

I loved using my bullet journal to track my pregnancy so much that I kept it up after my daughter was born. Click the photo above to check out weekly pregnancy tracking templates!!

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