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Doodles for your Bullet Journal

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Bullet journals are great for so many things. Staying organized, monthly mood and exercise trackers, inspirational pages and doodles.

Here's 15 cute, easy doodles that will go great in your bullet journal!

Best Bullet Journal Materials: Staedtler Markers - These double ended markers are my favorite so far. The ink doesn't bleed, the colour of the cap matches the colour on the page, and the fine tip end stays pointy; it doesn't get squished down when you use it. Book - I love these bullet journals because they are affordable and good quality. Occasionally I can find BuJo books at the dollarstore, but the pages are much thinner. I prefer coiled books over spinned books; if you make a big mistake it's much easier to rip the page out. 1) Plant Stand

2) Panda & Sloth

3) Need My Space

4) Create Adevtures for Yourself

5) Planets

6) It's A Bad Day Not A Bad Life

7) Things You Can Control

8) Relaxing Ideas

10) 2020 recap

11) Habits I Want To Develop

12) Take Time For Yourself

13) Summer Bucket List

15) Space Theme

Check out the full monthly space theme, including an exercise an mood tracker!

If these pages inspire you to make your own, I'd love to see! Send in a photo on Instagram to Prairiemamasblog!

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