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Christmas Activity Kit for Toddlers | Sensory Based Activities

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The perfect list of Christmas activities for daycares and preschools! I've accumulated my favourite child-led, sensory based activities to do with toddlers during the Christmas season.

Feed Santa Activity Feeding Santa is the perfect activity to practice turn taking, fine motor skills, number recognition, speech and so much more! There's not many activities that are easy to facilitate with a group of toddlers, but this one definitely makes the list. Click here to see how, it is so much fun!

Christmas Sweater Craft

This Christmas Sweater Craft is easy to prepare for a large group of kids; once you cut the sweater out of construction paper the rest is up to the kids!

Click here for the instructions.

Gingerbread Craft

This adorable craft is so easy for teachers/caregivers to prepare, and kids love it!

For a group of kids who are learning about dressing for the weather; you could prepare hats, mittens, boots and a coat to decorate. This opens up an organic opportunity to talk about winter dressing.

Click here for the full instructions!

Easy DIY Jello Playdoh Centre

Until this recipe I was convinced I would never be able to make good DIY playdoh that's taste safe for kids.

I made 4 batches in one day and didn't mess any of them up, so I would consider that a win!

Light Cave

My daughter LOVES this sensory light cave; she reads books and listing to calming music in it before bed. Since the days are getting shorter, and it gets darker earlier, we've been able to use it even more lately!

Click here for the full instructions!

Christmas Sensory Bin with Dyed Rice

I wanted to experiment with the top recommended methods of colouring rice; food colouring and vinegar and acrylic paint. Click here to see why I picked acrylic paint for this bin!

Christmas Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are usually the "catch-all" for all our extra craft supplies and kids love them!

Click here for all my favourite Christmas themed bottles!

Christmas Sensory Bins

I love using sensory bins on long winter days that we're all feeling cooped up. Click here to for the instructions for these bins!

If you try any of these I would absolutely love to see how they turned out!!

Send in a photo on Instagram @PrairieMamasBlog!!

Materials *affiliate links

Most of the materials were from the Dollarstore (lets be real, lots of Mama's on mat leave and childcare providers don't have the extra money to buy sensory craft supplies elsewhere). But here's some containers I buy in bulk because I go through alot of them.

Clear bins - used for the sensory bins and storing the Playdoh.

Clear bottles - for the sensory bottles

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